>Spółdzielnia Muzyczna

In the summer of 2018 we found a suitable place for our seat. Located on the industrial premises at Gromadzka 46 in Kraków, apart from providing space for our individual practice and collective rehearsals, with the start of the 2018/19 season it makes an entry onto Krakow’s arts and culture scene, being also the first concert venue in Poland run by a contemporary music ensemble. As for the sign to look for, it simply bears our name: Spółdzielnia Muzyczna.

Our plans, as far as the event calendar is concerned, stem from the ensemble’s activity pursued so far. Consequently, with the venue’s life in mind, we aim to:

  • organise concerts of the ensemble and its members as well as host musicians from out of town and country;

  • actively cooperate with Krakow’s long-standing festivals, at the same time extending the town’s offer in this respect;

  • continue and develop our educational initiatives, inviting diverse target groups;

  • encourage debate and, in effect, strengthen relationships—hoping, as in each of these aspects, for a development-oriented cooperation—between various artistic and cultural circles, welcoming the audience too.

In other words, at Spółdzielnia Muzyczna you can expect—contemporary music, of course, above all—but also improvs, electronic acts, alternative gigs, films set to music performed live, workshops, talks… For news and updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook, or remember to take a look at this page once in a while.

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna
Gromadzka 46, 30-714 Cracow
trams | stop: Gromadzka | lines: 11
buses | stop: Gromadzka | lines: 605 
Contact details
Martyna Zakrzewska: 0048 509 087 697 | martynzakrzewska@gmail.com
Jakub Gucik: 0048 504 659 444 | gucikjak@gmail.com
Piotr Peszat: 0048 502 115 962 | piotrpeszat@gmail.com